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'EVITA' JUNE 18 DEADLINE - Suncoast Broadway Dinner Theatre is seeking exceptional singers and actors for upcoming production of Evita. Synopsis: Evita charts the young and ambitious Eva Peron’s meteoric rise to sainthood. Set in Argentina between 1934-1952, the Tony-winning musical follows Eva Duarte on her journey from poor illegitimate child to ambitious actress to, as wife of military leader-turned-president Juan Peron, the most powerful woman in Latin America, before her death from cancer at age 33. Production states: "The events in Evita’s life are presented in song and commented on by the show’s narrator, Che. Well-known numbers from Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical masterpiece include 'Don’t Cry for Me Argentina,' 'Oh What a Circus,' 'Buenos Aires' and 'Another Suitcase in Another Hall.'" Rehearsals begin Sep. 11; runs Sep. 30-Oct. 23 at Suncoast Broadway Dinner Theatre, Hudson FL. Pay totals from: $500 – 700 (base salary range: $400/wk) for three to five shows per week, an additional $100-$300+/wk. earned from tips from food and beverage service (cocktail serving) prior to the show. All ensemble and supporting shall participate in food and beverage service. Housing provided. Internet, utilities, shared company car, and meals on show days. Extra consideration may be given to performers who can provide their own housing or car; note in your initial submission if able to provide either housing or drive a personal car. Seeking—“Magaldi:” Supporting, Male, 25-45, Latinx. Late 30’s-Mid 50’s. A tango singer and charming loser – never quite made it. Eva’s first love interest. Doubles as an ensemble. Range: High Tenor, Middle C to High G; Ensemble: Chorus/Ensemble, All Genders, 21-50, encompassing all of Argentine society, from generals to aristocrats; excellent singers and movers. Seeking Nationwide (United States). For consideration, submit your headshot, resume, and a vocal selection in the style of the show or vocal reel. Include a movement or dance reel with submission. Note: Submissions without video will not be considered. If submitting for the role of Magaldi, submit “On This Night of a Thousand Stars.” Audition cut can be found on the casting page at: Submission deadline is June 18. Callbacks will be via video submissions along with a potential virtual interview with the production team.

TO BE YOUNG BLACK And GIFTED – NOTICE EXPIRES JUNE 30 - Producer is casting a Greenroom 42 cabaret event highlighting the talents of you Black Musical Theatre artists based in NYC. Dates TBD. Not Paid. Seeking—Actors/Performers: Black Women; Lead, Female, 18-24. confident Black women who can own any room they walk into. Costuming and makeup must be done on your own. View the interest board to see the vision for this shoot; Black Voiceover Artist: All genders, 18-24; voiceover artist to read a short paragraph for the visual. Seeking talent from New York, NY; Brooklyn, NY. Submit social media that best represents you. For more info, visit @madebydenze on Instagram.

QUINTESSENCE FANTASY MUSIC COLLECTIVE – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 1 - Quintessence is seeking vocalists for "Quintessence." Synopsis: A remote long-term music collective, with a wide variety of musical talent, that will work together to collaborate on albums and singles. Seeking singers, composers, audio engineers, and cinematographers. Do not apply if you cannot stay long term. Do not apply if you will leave after receiving other gigs. We will mainly create original songs and content, however, we will occasionally do covers. Music will be distributed via Spotify, iTunes, Google Play, etc. Quintessence will release music that can focus on one, multiple, or all of our vocalists. We strive to create music that is deeper that people can relate to, but also that takes us to another world, and revolves around fantasy. We are looking for those that also seek to create music with depth and connect with others through music. Genres we will focus on include pop, folk, classical, orchestral, ambient, new age, R&B, symphonic metal, and experimental. We will also do a lot of crossovers within genres. We take inspiration from Wave, Akiko Shikata, Kokia, Kaoling, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran, Jojo, Epica, and more. We are seeking people that are creative, genuine, like to experiment, and don’t like to limit themselves. We are only accepting those with long-term availability, with the main focus on music, who truly love collaborating and working with others. Don't apply if you are only free during the lockdown/seeking money/or will drop the group because of future projects. Members of 'Quintessence' are expected to commit and be active, this is a permanent group, and you will be expected to meet tight deadlines, and take an active part in ensuring our success. Inability to communicate and meet deadlines will result in a potential kick from the group. Members must have enough availability and good time management. All members are expected to take part in the creative process as well, and grow as individuals. It will be mandatory for vocalists to adapt themselves and learn how to sing within various genres. For vocalists, they will need to be comfortable being on camera, the majority of our videos and pictures will feature the vocalists, and other staff, themselves. It is mandatory that vocalists have a high-quality microphone such as an XLR, as well as a high-quality video setup such as a DSLR or mirrorless camera, or a new 4k phone. We do not accept vocalists with just a phone or webcam. Vocalists also need to be able to take critique and be humble about their craft. We will also occasionally live stream, and while not mandatory for all members, it is appreciated if you can contribute. We often do highly layered complex tracks, which may have vocalists need to turn in up to 25 tracks, in a period of two weeks. Then record the video for another period of two weeks. We will not always have that many tracks per person, but that is an example. This is not a paid group, but music royalties will be shared and credited accordingly. Those that stream with us will get a cut of tips. The collective is fairly new, and we are looking for those that want to be part of our growth process." Works TBD remotely. Unpaid. Production states: "Shared royalties." Seeking—Singers: Lead, All Genders, 18-35, singers in quintessence will be long-term serious participants, that will opt-in or opt-out of projects; they must, however, have enough participation, and contribute to the creative process enthusiastically; quintessence is collaborative, and singers will work on both original songs, albums, eps, and covers. Do not apply if you cannot commit to the group long term. Production states: "Tell us about yourself, your experience, why you want to join, availability, and list your microphone and video camera. Must also fill out additional forms; by auditioning, you are conveying you would like to commit to a long-term collective that also does not pay upfront; we are seeking individuals enthusiastic about singing, connecting with people, and collaborating online; do not audition if we do not appeal to you in a meaningful way." Seeking talent Worldwide. Apply via or Production states: "For consideration, include a cover letter telling us about yourself, why you want to join, your availability to us specifically, your experience, your gear, and software."

NATIONAL TOUR – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 24 - RGJ Productions is seeking male and female singers and dancers, ages 8-21, for the national touring show, Hits! Coordinator states: "The cast of 22 will be paid $15,000-$25,000 for the 2023 national touring show and rehearsals. Singing auditions will be held in 32 cities this summer and Dance auditions will be in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, and Orlando. Individuals may also audition virtually." Rehearses Oct. 20-Nov. 18 and Jan. 30-Feb. 28, 2023 in Tampa FL; runs March 1-May 11 nationally. Pays $15,000-$25,000 for rehearsals and national tour, depending on the role you are selected for. Transportation, lodging, and food will be paid for all cast members. Seeking—Singers, Lead, All Genders, 8-21; Dancers, Lead, All genders, 8-21. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Go to our website to register for auditions:










'KINKY BOOTS' – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 7 - Waterfront Playhouse is casting Kinky Boots, a musical. Rehearses and performs dates TBD in Key West, FL. Pays $250 per week for rehearsals and $80 per performance. Housing and transportation include. Seeking—“Lola:” Lead, All Genders, 18-34. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via or To be considered include picture/resume/video; Include songs from the production.

'SOUL Of MOTOWN' – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 21 - DDM Productions is casting Soul of Motown. Production states: "Seeking African American male singers/movers (not actors) for a concert-style, high-energy show featuring the artists and top hits of the Motown Era with solos, step-outs, and tight harmonies. Singers must be able to sing solos, and harmonies and be strong movers. Casting is for productions in Pigeon Forge TN, and Las Vegas NV; must be able to relocate." Rehearses in June in Pigeon Forge TN. Pays $100-125/show. Seeking—Leads, Stepouts, Ensemble: All genders, 25-45. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via For consideration, note availability in the cover letter and submit demo/video reels, any audio reels, résumé, headshot, and a current full-body shot. Production states: "Must be able to relocate to Pigeon Forge, TN, or to Las Vegas NV for the duration of the contract to December 2022; can discuss a shorter contract."

'NEW YORK In CHAINS' – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 6 - New York In Chains is casting New York in Chains. Synopsis: NYC is dark. The Statue of Liberty is sad and lonely. She leaves her island with a mysterious key and secret. Two sisters, living in an illegal AirBnB garage apartment, enlist to help Miss Liberty and solve their own problems with the evil landlord William McGreedy. Through song and dance, the sisters discover heroes that teach them how to save the free world and the light of freedom. Runs TBD in Las Vegas, NV. Pay per performance. Seeking—Singers: Lead, 18-47. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). For consideration, submit video of you singing to or via




'SHINING STAR' – NOTICE EXPIRES JUNE 22 - Mr X Media is casting Shining Star, a short film. Synopsis: In the spring of 1975, three 14-year-old girls scheme to move earth, wind, and fire to make it to their first concert, and it changes their lives in ways they never expected. Look and feel: The spirit of the 1970s mixed with Ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) imagery and surrealism indicative of Earth, Wind and Fire. Shoots Aug. 6, 2022 in L.A. Flat rate, 1 day shoot, depending on role. Seeking—“Lena:” Day Player, 13-17, a cute, sarcastic teen who craves to be "in" with the upperclassmen in high school. Still has her middle school body, middle-class, boy-crazy, kind of spoiled. She’s a late bloomer and not as curvy as her friends but prays for it every day. She complains constantly about wanting more freedom to do all the things typical teens do, especially go out at night and date, which she would do if she had a boyfriend; “Joyce:” Day Player, Female, 13-17, 14 going on 25, Sassy, practical, wise beyond her years. Joyce is sassy with a tough-girl exterior but a loving heart underneath. Pretty and curvy, Joyce likes to wear mini-dresses to show off her long legs. She cares less about the teen scene and looks forward to an exciting life in the big city when she grows up; “Addie:” Day Player, Female, 13-17, thick, modest, religious, sweet, trusting, great dancer, raised by her devout grandmother. Addie is a pretty, dark-skinned girl, with a thick shapely body. She wears her hair in cornrows and dresses modestly in long skirts and long sleeve blouses as she’s a member of the sanctified church; “Charlotte:” Supporting, Female, 13-17, Minnesota-accent, cheery, blonde pigtails, excellent musician, friendly, loves R&B music. Surprisingly, she loves black music and knows a lot about it. Joyce calls her Cindy Brady because of her long blonde hair which she wears in ponytails and her Osh Kosh jean overalls; Teenage Boy: Background/Extra, Male, 15-18, afro, tall lanky, cute - no lines; Voiceover: Male, 22-70, a deep-voiced, DJ patter from the 1970's. Think Wolfman Jack. Seeking talent from Los Angeles CA. Apply via

TECH COMPANY AUDIO COLLECTION – NOTICE EXPIRES JUNE 28 - Inclusion Media Group is casting African-American voice actors 18 and over for a tech company audio collection. Coasting director states: "As part of our efforts to build more inclusive technologies, we are reaching out to African Americans to help record speech samples to ensure our products work well for a diverse group of users. The goal is to understand and prevent unjust or prejudicial treatment of people related to race, income, sexual orientation, religion, gender, and other characteristics historically associated with discrimination and marginalization, when and where they manifest in algorithmic systems or algorithmically aided decision-making." "Participants will record for two projects. The first project consists of short sentences, which will be prompted on screen, and participants will read out loud exactly as is written. Examples of a prompt from this project might be, 'What are you doing today.' The second project consists of prompts that will ask questions, which participants will answer in their own words. An example of a prompt from this project might be, 'What are the top five places to get coffee in the town that you live (or in the nearby area)? What do these places look like?' Participants will record 300 prompts in each project (600 total), and it will take about 4 hours total to complete." Talent records TBD remotely. Estimated payment amount: $125.00 for 4 hours of work. Pays $125 plus the possibility of an additional $25 for completing the work within 3 days. Payments are made via PayPal within 3 business days of successful completion and verification of deliverables. Seeking—Voiceover: All Genders, 18+, must reside in the US, and must have access to an Android smartphone or PC Computer (iOS devices, such as iPhone or iPad, are not permitted). You also must be comfortable with providing an audio sample for accent verification and with signing a participant contract and NDA with Productive Playhouse. Note: Please use your natural accent when auditioning. We are looking for people from all over the country. So... hearing your natural accent is important. Thank you. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). For consideration, prepare one audio file combining two clips (both the text and the holiday description and then edit into one file): Clip 1: Briefly describe your favorite holiday and why. ; Clip 2: Read "The hero is a witch from Kansas who has a particular interest in breakfast. The nemesis is a wizard who uses too many plastic bags. The hero gets the upper hand and lives out life in a lush castle." Upload your audition recording to this link ( Casting director states: "They are looking for your natural voice – no acting. Their goal is to hire natural voices for this project. You can record this right from your phone. If you are having trouble editing the files together, please feel free to choose just one of the clip options below. Make sure to use your natural voice and accent. No acting required. We want your natural voice. Must have access to an Android smartphone or PC Computer (iOS devices, such as iPhone or iPad, are not permitted for this project)."

TIKTOK/REELS PROMOTIONAL And INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS – NOTICE EXPIRES JUNE 30 - Blue Craze Media Productions is casting actors to record TikToks for trending sounds, promo, and instructional videos for a new AI-powered platform. Shoots remotely. Estimated payment amount: $20.00 for 1 hour of work. Pays $20 per video (each video is only a few seconds long). Production states: "This is an entirely remote project and you will be following a short script prompt. Opportunity for a consistent monthly role and/or a role in larger-scope television and streaming commercials in the near future." Paid securely through Seeking—Actors & Performers: Video Lead #1: Male, Gender-Noncomfrming, Non-Binary, Trans Male, 18-35, someone in the business world wanting to improve their presence in remote meetings and offer advice to other business professionals; Voiceover: Video Lead #2: Female, Gender-Nonconforming, Non-Binary, Trans Female, 18-35; someone in the business world wanting to improve their presence in remote meetings and offer advice to other business professionals. Nationwide (United States). For consideration, send an example of an engaging TikTok video or Instagram reel you've done to

SHORT INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 2 - Myria Games is casting a narrator for a series of short explainer videos for a tech gaming company. Records TBD remotely. Talent must have high-quality recording equipment at in-home studio. Estimated payment among: $25.00 for 1 hour of work. Pays $25 for the final delivered recording including any re-records or edits. Note: Job should only take about 10 minutes of your time since the script is under 1 minute. This job will be paid securely through Backstage. Seeking—Narrator: Male, 18-40. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via or

KIDS Inc. PODCAST SERIES – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 3 - KIDS INC. is casting all ages with the ability to read, narrate, and self-record a children's story. Those interested will be provided a link to review material. All questions welcome. Remote/Work from Home. Not Paid. This is unpaid volunteer work for a nonprofit children's organization. All audio and video will become the property of KIDS INC. Seeking—Storytellers: All Ages 7+; Self record a children's story that can be read remotely. A link will be provided to view and download story. Narrators should be able to easily read the story from the website while simultaneously recording. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Express interest through and we'll review your bio.

VOICEOVER AD READING From SCRIPT – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 13 - Donut Digital, Inc. is seeking voiceover talent that is able to give off an inspirational and bold tone for an ad. Talent works TBD remotely. Note: Talent must have own microphone. Estimated payment amount: $150.00 for 2 hours of work. Seeking—Voiceover: Female, 18-50. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via

AUDIOBOOK NARRATION For MULTIPLE ONGOING PROJECT – NOTICE EXPIRES DEC. 30 - Streamlink Global LLC is seeking audio book performers for multiple projects lasting at least 6 months. Production states: "Book genres include: Romance, Fiction, Science-fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure and etc. Two types of ongoing projects needed: Single audio performer completes entire book (must complete entire book within 10-12 days), and a Single audio performer completes 1 role per book. (Approximately 1-2 hours work per season of scenarios and all work must complete within 5 days. Will provide timeline). Only the raw recordings in MP3 format without background noises and errors is needed. Detailed distribution plans will be provided only after the acceptance of audition demo. Talent records TBD remotely. Talent must have access to professional quality home studio and provide the demos in MP3 format only. Estimated payment amount: $90.00 - $100.00 per hour (Estimated duration: Not Provided). Seeking—Voiceover Actors and Performers: All Genders, 18+; a 2-3 minutes multi voice character audition demo or animation demo is required. Another short audition transcript will be needed after the first demo accepted. Audio actors must be able to: 1. Fully comprehend the story-line and emotions of the characters; 2. Have well placed delivery with clear pronunciation and free of accents; 3. Have correct emphasis on the key words in a sentence; 4. Modulate their voice and tones according to the flow of the story and give a vocal performance with rich and subtle feelings; 5. Change their voice to portray characters of various ages, social statuses and personalities; 6. Represent the essential state of the character. (if portraying a character of the opposite sex, accurate imitation is not a must as long as the essential state of the character is represented; 7. Correct minor defects in dialogues without changing the meaning of the text. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). For consideration, please prepare a 2-3 minute multi-voice character audition demo or an animation demo. Another short audition script (approximately 2-3 minutes) will be needed after the first demo accepted. In your cover letter, please note your recording capabilities and turnaround time.


'WAITRESS' INTENSIVE With Shoshana Bean, Ciara Renée and More! – JULY 1 DEADLINE - Werk With Bway is seeking participants for Werk With Bway's Waitress, the Musical themed audition prep intensive. Production states: "Work with cast and creative team members on audition prep for pop/rock musical theatre. Improve your audition skillset and so much more at this three-day online intensive. Students will work one-on-one in masterclasses with featured stars from Broadway's Waitress, learn healthy pop styling in Vocal Technique with a vocal expert, receive three new auditions songs specifically chosen for you in Build Your Rep, learn Waitress music and choreography from members of the show's team, improve your audition skillset with a Broadway casting director in Business and Audition Technique, audition for a member of the Waitress creative team and receive personalized feedback, and more. Our curriculum allows you to work in small groups to ensure you receive ample one-on-one time with the faculty. We also guarantee you will be coached in a masterclass with a featured Broadway guest artist. Our students have gone on to book Broadway shows, work regionally and attend the top musical theatre programs in the country. Runs Aug. 1-5, 2022 (10AM-6PM EST) at Studios 353 (353 W 48th St, New York NY 10036). Not Paid. Requires $1095 tuition fee required. After May 15 tuition increases to $1195. Seeking—Musical Theater Performers: ages 13+. Seeing talent Nationwide (United States). Click here to apply: For consideration, be sure to upload your headshot, résumé, and include a video link for your singing audition or live performance clip. Werk With Bway is a by-application and by-audition-only program. Submit your application by July 1 for full consideration. Applicants can apply after July 1st, but no guarantees can be made."

REMOTE ONE-ON-ONE ACTOR COACHING SESSIONS With WORKING ACTORS On 'CHICAGO FIRE,' 'WICKED' – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 1 - Bookit is seeking participants for one-on-one actor coaching sessions. Class states: "The best actors get the best training. Company states: Bookit is the fastest growing on-demand acting coach resource that working actors can access right from their device. Our coaches are working actors with appearances on Broadway ('Wicked,' 'The Lion King)', Television ('Chicago Fire,' 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel)', and Film ('Hustlers'). No more running lines in the mirror or bugging your roommates. Anywhere in the world. Anytime. We're here for you. Now is the best time to not only work on your craft, but to get in the entertainment business. Although productions are temporarily limited due to COVID, the Industry has never seen so much content at once thanks to digital streaming. As the country recovers, there will be an increased demand for more content and casting offices will be busier than they've ever been. We're here to help prepare you! Success = Opportunity + Readiness. Whether you're a rookie or veteran, we'll make room for everyone. We cover audition and performance coaching as well as career consultations. We can even help you find an agent or get that reel created." Talent trained remotely, ongoing. Not Paid. Fees required. Individual sessions starting at $25. Company states: "We offer 30/60/90 minute sessions as well as Session Package Discounts. Reels for on-camera and VoiceOver as well as website design! Check our booking page for more information." Right now, get $5 off your first hour+ long session with code DEBUT21. Gift cards available!" Seeking—Actors & Performers: Lead; All Genders; ages 4+; openings for actors interested in film, TV, and theatre who are aiming to learn real acting techniques from real working actors; Voiceover: All Actors: Age 7+; openings for actors interested in animation and commercial voiceovers. Seeking talent Worldwide. For more info, visit:

'EXECUTE, EXPAND, EVOLVE' – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 6 - Bridges & Butterflies, Inc. is seeking participants for ongoing workshops. Company states: "These Mastery classes are meant to help you hone your craft and advance in your performance skills while forming connections with like-minded individuals interested in spreading positive change worldwide through creative expression." Company states “Classes will be held virtually via Zoom. See our website for specific dates and times.” Not Paid. Company states: "All contributions are going to our main cause and mission of our nonprofit to spread positive change worldwide through creative expression. Everyone is welcome; we accept sign-ups worldwide globally. Each workshop has a one-time enrollment fee in order to participate." Seeking—Actors/Performers – Movement Techniques Masterclass: All Genders, ages 5+: all ages are welcome to enroll in this workshop; no experience is required. Apply here if you are interested in our Movement Techniques Masterclass; you will need to officially enroll by booking your spot in the workshop on our website; Performance Mastery: All Genders, ages 5+, all ages are welcome to enroll in this workshop; no experience is required. Apply here if interested in private sessions and/or group sessions with Calyn, a state in your cover letter in which you are interested; you will need to officially enroll by booking your spot in the workshop on our website; Voiceover Masterclass: All Genders, ages 5+, all ages are welcome to enroll in this workshop; no experience is required. Apply here if you are interested in our voiceover masterclass; you will need to officially enroll by booking your spot in the workshop on our website. Seeking talent Worldwide. For more info, visit

TWO-WEEK ONLINE VOICEOVER INTENSIVE With TOP VO AGENT! – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 8 - Acting And Voice Studios is seeking participants. Company states, "Don't Miss our two-Week Online Voiceover Intensive with Top VO Agent at Stewart Talent - Jason Sasportas! This will be a live, interactive class with a Q&A and the opportunity to perform for and get feedback from Jason! You will also be able to send us your headshot, resume, acting reel and anything else you would want Jason to see. This class is held online via Zoom. You will be able to download the recordings of your performances for educational purposes only. Jason Sasportas is head of the voice-over department for Stewart Talent, a leading talent agency in NY. He has booked clients on numerous national network TV, radio and internet campaigns over the years, in addition to promo, broadcast narration, videogames, animation and audio books. He has booked clients on numerous national network commercial campaigns including Subway, Citizen’s Bank, Chevron, USAA, Shingrix, Walmart, HP, Pedigree & Fructis Garnier. While commercials are his focus, Jason covers all areas of voice-over. He has clients working regularly as audio book narrators and has booked talent on documentaries for A&E, National Geographic and The Weather Channel, in addition to various animation and videogame projects. In this workshop, Jason will discuss the current climate of the voice-over industry, provide marketing tips and work with each student on their commercial read." Class schedule: Thursday, July 7th from 7-9PM EST 4-6PM PST; Thursday, July 14th from 7-9PM EST 4-6PM PST Not Paid. The cost to attend is $169. Seeking—Actors: Lead, All Genders, ages 16+; Voiceover: ages 16+. Seeking talent Worldwide. To register, visit or via


BAHAMAS RESORT – NOTICE EXPIRES JULY 30 - Illustrious Events is seeking singers for a resort. Company states: "We are looking for a singer/guitarist or singer/keyboard player for a luxury family resort in the beautiful Bahamas. Ideally, the successful candidate will have at least a 300/400 song repertoire and will play around 2.5/3 hrs. a day, six days a week (without repeating the same songs). Different types of music genres. Instrumental skills are a huge asset." Works TBD in the Bahamas. Pays TBD plus lodging and meals provided. Seeking—Actors & Performers: Singers, Lead, 18+. Seeking talent Worldwide. Apply via The interview will be held TBD online.