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RESTAURANT LIVE ENTERTAINMENT – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 30 - Arts & Business Collective is seeking singers for live entertainment nights at a restaurant venue in Brooklyn NY. Note: Talent will need to perform two 90-minute sets (a total of four hrs. including the break in between). Ongoing work (Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 6:30-10:30 p.m.) in Brooklyn, NYC. Pays $150 flat rate. Seeking—Singers: All Genders, 18+. Seeking talent from New York NY. Apply via or visit For consideration, submit a sample of performing skills.

The WHO TRIBUTE BAND – NOTICE EXPIRES JAN. 1, 2024 - Confidential is seeking a Lead Singer. Producer states: "We are a professional/high end Who tribute band. All pieces are in place, with management. We need a kick ass lead singer who loves The Who and loves performing and fronting a band." Rehearses in the Bay Area; Performances are ongoing in the Bay Area. Rehearsals and gigs are all paid. Gigs with guaranteed minimum. Details on request. Seeking—Lead Singer: 18+. Seeking talent from Berkeley, San Francisco, Oakland, Walnut Creek CA. Apply via For consideration, include a video/audio sample of your singing, as well as background info.



NATS ARTIST AWARDS (NATSAA) – SEP. 11 DEADLINE - The biennial NATS Artist Awards competition is designed to assist classical singers prepared to launch a professional career. Minimum age is 21 years old; maximum age is 35 years old as of September 11, 2023. Applicant’s most recent teacher must be a current full/associate NATS member with whom applicant must have studied continuously for at least one academic year; or applicant must be a current full/associate NATS member for at least one year prior to deadline. Application fee $75. First Prize: $10,000-$50,000. Regional preliminary rounds take place in each of 14 NATS regions in the US and Canada. Regional audition dates (September through November 2023) will be posted on the competition website. Semifinals & finals LIVE on January 7, 2024 in New York NY. To apply or for more info, visit

MUSIC TEACHERS NATIONAL ASSOCIATION COMPETITION – SEP. 13 - The MTNA National Competitions are the most successful and prestigious student competitions in the country. The purpose of the Music Teachers National Association Performance competitions is to provide educational experiences for students and to recognize exceptionally talented young artists and their teachers in their pursuit of musical excellence. Application fee $50 to $120. First Prize: Less than $10,000. The MTNA Student Competitions consist of three levels: State Competition, Division Competition and National Finals. Finals LIVE on March 16, 2024 in Atlanta GA at the MTNA National Conference. To apply or for more info, visit

NATIONAL MUSICAL THEATRE COMPETITION – SEP. 15 DEADLINE - The National Musical Theatre Competition is seeking the best emerging musical theatre soloists. Presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) as the first national competition for the musical theatre soloist, winners are finding success on Broadway and other theaters across the country. All singers age 20 to 28 as of September 15, 2023. Application fees: $75 for student of NATS member; $90 for student of non-NATS member. First Prize: $10,000-$50,000. Semifinals & Finals LIVE on January 8, 2024 in New York NY. To apply or for more info, visit


2023 NATIONAL TOUR – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 7 - The Cornerstone Chorale & Brass is seeking choral/solo singers for narrative concert national tour (three-four weeks). Choir, plus brass, plus narration. Must have classical vocal/choral training and experience. Soprano, alto, tenor, and bass positions available. Honorarium negotiable. Tour venues in IL, PA, MI, WI, IA, NE, CO, AZ, NM, KS, MO. Rehearses Oct. 6-10 in St. Louis MO. tours Oct. 10-Nov. 5 in IL, MI, OH, PA, WI, IA, NE, CO, AZ, NM, KS and MO. Pays $2,450-$3,450/month. Travel to-and-from St. Louis and on tour provided, plus meals and housing. Seeking—Choral/Solo Singers: Chorus/Ensemble, 21-80; Sopranos, Altos, Tenors, Basses. Choral/solo singers with classical music training and experience. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via or visit CornerstoneChorale Include a resume with your educational background and performing experience, photo and an mp3 or similar recording.


‘WE START IN MANHATTAN: A NEW QUEER MUSICAL’ – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 26 - Live & In Color is casting actors for a developmental workshop for We Start In Manhattan: A New Queer Musical. Production states: "It's a slutty romantic-comedy that tells the story of a one night stand turned month long road trip, exploring the ways that brief intimacy can profoundly impact our lives. In the final days of the workshop we will be inviting a small audience to view the work in progress. The writers will originate these roles in the initial production. Rehearses Sep. 1-3 in NYC; travel to Connecticut Sep. 5; rehearsals and presentations Sep. 6-10 in Salem, Connecticut; travel back to NYC Sep. 10. Flat fee of $900. Travel is provided between NYC and Connecticut. Housing and food is provided in Connecticut. Seeking—“Jess:” Lead, All Genders, 26-35, They/she, could be played by women or non-binary folks (pronouns can be shifted to the comfort of the actor.) Sharp, direct, grounded, powerful. A real go-getter workaholic who is coping with some heartbreak from their recent past. Vocal range: G3-E5* (range slightly flexible,) pop/rock/contemporary musical theater voice. Note: Actor must be comfortable portraying queer sex and intimacy (no nudity); “Linc:” Lead, Non-Binary, 25-30, They/them, non-binary, trans masc. Indirect, funny, genuine. Very spontaneous, loves to go out, but also is tender and has a lot of depth when they allow themself to be known. Vocal range: G3-E5* (range slightly flexible,) pop/rock/contemporary musical theater voice. Note: There is a scene that involves Linc’s top surgery scars. The actor playing Linc does not need to have had top surgery, but they must be comfortable playing a character who has. Note: Actor must be comfortable portraying queer sex and intimacy (no nudity). Seeking talent from New York NY. Apply via or visit For consideration, submit a pop/rock song or contemporary musical theater song that shows acting range.

EQUITY, ‘HOW TO DANCE IN OHIO’ (B’WAY) – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 28 - Producers are casting Equity actors for roles in How To Dance In Ohio on Broadway. Rebekah Greer Melocik, book and lyrics; Synopsis: How to Dance in Ohio is a heart-filled new musical that explores what it means to belong, the courage it takes to put yourself out in the world, and the universal need to connect. Based on Alexandra Shiva's award-winning HBO documentary, the musical follows the challenges and triumphs faced by a group of seven autistic young adults at a counseling center in Columbus, Ohio. With the support of clinical psychologist Dr. Emilio Amigo, the center arranges a spring formal dance, and encourages them as they encounter love, fear, stress, excitement, and hope along the path to human connection. Rehearsals begin on or about Oct. 9; first preview on or about Nov. 15; opening on or about Dec. 10. Pays $2537/wk. Equity Production League Contract. Seeking—Equity Actors--Principal Swings: 4 actors of any gender identities and vocal ranges to cover at least three of the following Principal tracks. Actors with Autism are encouraged to audition: Drew: 18, he/him, mid to high tenor, autistic. He needs structure, a bit formal, knows a lot about electricity and electrical grids, is looking for deeper connections in life, possibly romantic, on track to go to his dream college. PRINCIPAL; Marideth: 18, she/her, alto with a strong mix, autistic. Raised by a single dad, loves to research facts, hates shoelaces, doesn’t like to be touched, is anxious in new social settings. Principal; Caroline: 19, she/her, soprano with a strong mix, autistic. Perky and positive, goes to community college, is best friends with Jessica but is obsessed with her boyfriend. Principal; Jessica: 20, she/her, full-voiced mezzo-soprano, autistic. Wants to live on her own, loves fantasy but is surprisingly practical, has a flair for drama. Principal; Mel: 24, she/he/they, earthy alto, autistic. The oldest member of the group, a seeker into self-help and mindfulness, a natural leader, works at a pet shop. Principal; Remy: 18+ to play 16, he/she/they, mid to high tenor, autistic. Into cosplay, makes a How-To costume and makeup tutorial videos online. Principal; Tommy: 22, he/him, mid to high baritone, autistic. Funny, self-conscious, studying to get his driver’s license. Principal; Offstage Adult Female Swing: Latine. This track covers Ashley, Johanna, Terry, and Amy: Ashley Amigo: to play 22, she/her, mezzo-soprano with a strong mix, of Cuban-American. Amigo’s daughter, a dancer recovering from an injury, is at a crossroads. Principal; Offstage Adult Male Swing: The role is cast. This track covers Dr. Amigo, Michael, and Kurt: Dr. Emilio Amigo: to play 50s, he/him, high baritone, Cuban-American. A clinical psychologist, founder and director of Amigo Family Counseling, great at his job, charismatic, full of empathy, recently divorced, at a crossroads. Principal. Seeking talent from New York NY. Prepare a brief cut of a song of your choice. You may prepare a song in any style, but selections in contemporary musical theater (e.g., Songs for a New World, In the Heights, Fun Home, The Band’s Visit) and pop styles are most preferred. You also have the option to prepare a cut from the show. Links to the two possible song cuts, "Terminally Human" and "Life Interrupts" are copied below. This link includes a teaching/plunk track and an accompaniment/backing track for both. An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition. How to Dance in Ohio is in development and the neurotypical (not autistic) members of our team are committed to learning from, with, and creating alongside autistic and disabled artists as the piece develops. We look forward to collaborating both with our autistic creative team members and with autistic performers coming aboard via this process. In the character breakdown below, we as a team chose to use identity-first language to follow in the footsteps of autistic self-advocates. If you would like us to utilize person-first or any other terminology about your identity in communications, please let us know and you can expect the utmost respect of your personal identity preferences. In addition to the autistic roles in our show, there are several neurotypical roles. Autistic and neurodivergent actors are welcome and encouraged to audition/submit for neurotypical roles or autistic roles should they wish. If you are unsure of whether or not you should submit for the autistic roles, please consult and/or reach out to us with any questions or concerns.

‘The GREAT GATSBY MUSICAL’ – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 30 - The Landless Theatre Company is casting The Great Gatsby Musical. Seeking a diverse ensemble of actors who sing and play jazz instruments. Synopsis: A diverse band of 1920's Jazz Musicians retell the classic F. Scott Fitzgerald story set to jazz standards. Rehearses: Oct. 14-Nov. 12 on Saturdays (10am-1pm), Sundays (6pm-9pm); Nov. 13 (7pm-10pm); and Nov. 14 (7pm-10pm) at Landless Studio (25 E 2nd Street (2nd Floor) Frederick MD; dress rehearsals: Nov. 15 (7-11), Nov. 16 (7-11) at New Spire Arts (15 W Patrick Street, Frederick); runs Nov. 17 (8pm, with 7pm Call); Nov. 18 (8pm, with 7pm Call); and Nov. 19 (2pm, with 1pm Call) at NSA. Pay is a $200 stipend. A travel stipend of up to $200 is available for actors commuting more than 15 miles. Additional daytime performances may be scheduled at $50/show. No housing provided, only apply if you have local housing. Seeking—Ensemble Member: Lead, All Genders, 18-40, A diverse ensemble of actors who sing and play jazz instruments to play a variety of roles in the story. Seeking talent from Frederick MD. Apply via or visit The LandlessTheatreCompany. For consideration, send a video link to a monologue, a jazz vocal selection, and a demonstration of your jazz instrumental music skills on piano, guitar, bass, brass, woodwind, or percussion.

DEAR EVAN HANSEN – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 31 - Dear Evan Hansen Fan Projects is casting Dear Evan Hansen. Rehearses in the Spring and Summer of 2024 via Zoom and in-person in Seattle WA; work begins in Autumn 2024 in Seattle WA. Not Paid. Travel, lodge, and meals will be provided. Seeking—“Evan Hansen:” Lead, Male, 18-24, Smart, sincere, and painfully self-conscious, Evan prefers to hover in the background, a supporting player in his own life, too afraid to step forward into the spotlight and risk ridicule or, what might be worse, no one noticing him at all, Strong Pop Vocalist, G2-B4; “Heidi Hansen:” Supporting, Female, 40-49, Evan’s mother. Overworked and stretched too thin, Heidi loves her son fiercely, but fears they have begun to grow apart. Strong Pop Vocalist, F3 to E-flat5 (belt); “Connor Murphy:” Supporting, Male, 18-24, An angry, disaffected loner, Connor has been a troubled kid for as long as anyone can remember, an enigma and a source of endless consternation to his long-suffering parents, Strong Pop Vocalist, G2-G4; “Zoe Murphy:” Supporting, Female, 18-24, A sensitive, sophisticated high school junior. Cool without realizing it, Zoe couldn't care less about the status games and popularity rites of high school, Strong Pop Vocalist, F3-E5 (belt); “Cynthia Murphy:” Supporting, Female, 40-49, Connor and Zoe’s mother. To Evan, she seems to be the perfect mother, nurturing, available, and willing to talk about anything. To her own children, it’s a bit more complicated, Strong Pop Vocalist, F-sharp3 to E5 (belt); “Larry Murphy:” Supporting, Male, 40-49, Connor and Zoe’s father. Though often tense and taciturn, Larry shows a different face to the world, representing for Evan the dad he always wished for: strong, confident, and more than anything, reliable, someone to be counted on, Strong Pop Vocalist, F-sharp2 to G4; “Alana Beck:” Supporting, Female, 18-24, A diligent, conscientious, straight-A high school senior, Alana is a do-gooder and a rule follower, Strong Pop Vocalist, F3-E5 (belt); “Jared Kleinman:” Supporting, Male, 18-24, Droll and sarcastic, Jared carries himself with the kind of practiced swagger only the deeply insecure can truly pull off, Strong Pop Vocalist, A2-B4 G4. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). Apply via For consideration, submit a video or audio reel. Production states: "We need an idea of both your acting skills and your singing skills. Provide video for both."

‘HIGH FIDELITY’ – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 1 - Fidelity Theatricals is casting High Fidelity, the musical. Production states: "If you don’t see a role available on this list it means that it has already been cast. Please also note when auditioning, that you must be 18+ by the time of the rehearsals. The only role that’s cast is Rob, all the other roles like the Ex’s and such are coupled as ensemble roles, so if you’re cast in the ensemble you’ll be playing select ensemble roles. This goes for both male and female characters. Depending on how much money we make from our 2024 season, I'd like for the show to run for a weekend. It’s going to be in December 2024 and the venue is not chosen yet. As you know we did a series of cabarets this year. Next year what I’m going to be doing is the following, I’m going to do a small-scale concert show every other month leading up until December 2024. All shows will be before 'High Fidelity,' they will be at 'Don’t Tell Mama.' Those shows are not cast yet, so look out. The reason I’m doing these other shows is because I want to raise money to eventually put on a full production of 'High Fidelity.' I’m doing all these shows next year so we can have enough money to do 'High Fidelity' in December. Pay is something that is not guaranteed. It fully depends on how much money we raise and how much we make from doing the show. Because it’s not a paid gig people tend to drop out of gigs that are not paid for gigs that do pay. Which I completely understand. So for the show, I will be casting understudies for every single role and if an ensemble actor drops, we’ll figure it out along the way." Rehearses and performs in NYC, exact venue is TBD. Pay Deferred: Profit Share. Seeking—“Dick:” Lead, Male, 18-30, A shy and awkward music nerd; “Barry:” Lead, Male, 18-30, A Jack Black type. Loud and annoying. Also, can do a lot of physical comedy; “Laura:” Lead, Female, 18-30, Robs Girlfriend. Shes a lawyer who doesn't know what she wants. (Requires intimacy); “Liz:” Supporting, Female, 18-30, Rob and Lauras best friend. She claims she is on Robs side during the breakup; “Ian:” Supporting, 25-35, Ian is a fake spiritual man who thinks he's better than everyone; “Marie:” Chorus/Ensemble, Female, 18-25, Marie is a musician who Rob find interest in; “Bruce Springsteen:” Chorus/Ensemble, Male, 25-40, Don't have to look like him but a good impression is great. An ensemble would play this role; Ensemble: Chorus/Ensemble, 18-40, 5 girls and 5 boys to have ensemble roles spread apart between them all. Seeking talent from New York NY. Apply via For consideration, submit a headshot and self-tape audition. Audition preparation instructions: Sing a 32-bar cut from the show. It must be from the show; songs that are not from the show will not be considered.

EQUITY, STORYBOOK MUSICAL THEATRE 2023-2024 SEASON – SEP. 5 DEADLINE f/SEP. 9 & 11 – ABINGDON - Storybook Musical Theatre Inc. is casting Equity Actors for the 2023-2024 Season including: Cinderella (Rehearsals begin Dec. 14; runs Dec. 19-30), Hansel & Gretel (Rehearsals begin Mar. 7, 2024; runs Mar. 12-24, 2024), and Pinocchio (Rehearsals May 2, 2024; May 7-18, 2024 and Remount: Rehearsals begin July 15, 2024; runs July 16-27, 2024). Season runs in Abington PA. Pays $92.75 per performance. Equity TYA Tier II Agreement. Seeking—Equity Actors: All Ages: for Cinderella – “Cinderella:” (late teens-20s) innocent, down to earth young woman with dreams of a better life, mezzo soprano; “Mrs. Finch:” (40s-50s) Cinderella's Stepmother, doting, controlling, and a bit overbearing, mother of Zinnia and Doreese, soprano; “Doreese:” (20s-30s) pampered and spoiled stepsister of Cinderella, physical comedy required, mezzo soprano; “Zinnia:” (20s-30s) Cinderella's older stepsister, spoiled rotten, physical comedy required, mezzo soprano; Fairy Godmother/Godfather: (ageless) witty, gentle, adoring, like the parent Cinderella wishes she had, mezzo soprano/baritenor; King: (40s-50s) the Prince's royal father, good-natured, can become a bit annoyed with his son and his kingdom at times, baritone; Prince Stefan: (20s-30s) wide-eyed romantic dreamer, Prince Charming, baritone/tenor; for Hansel & Gretel – “Hansel:” (18+ to play teens) energetic, adventurous, clumsy, stubborn older brother to Gretel, tenor; “Gretel:” (18+ to play pre-teen) cautious, innocent, smart, and clever, Hansel's younger sister, mezzo soprano; Mother/Guardian Angel: (30s-40s) patient, forgiving, loving, stressed mother to Hansel & Gretel / angelic, loving, and caring, soprano; Father/Sandman: (30s-40s) hardworking and loving father to Hansel & Gretel / impish, clever, and outspoken forest spirit, baritone; Foxy Freda/Freddy: (late teens-20s) a teen that has been transformed into a fox, cunning but not so clever, playful, anxious, mezzo soprano/tenor; Rosinna Rubylips Daintymouth: (ageless) the gingerbread witch, over the top, sweet on the outside, a mean and nasty witch on the inside, soprano; for Pinocchio – “Pinocchio:” (18+ to play pre-teen) a wooden puppet that becomes a real boy, physically agile, innocent without a lot of common sense, adventurous, tenor; “Gepetto:” (30s-50s) a lonely puppet maker and Pinocchio's father, kind, gentle, and forgiving, baritone; “Fortunato Fox:” CAST (30s-50s) sly & conniving, gangster-like, comedic timing and physicality required, baritone; Petrisi de Slezsi/Candito Zuccherino: (30s-40s) two distinctly different villains; Petrisi: showbiz puppeteer, easy-going, boisterous, out to make a buck; Candito: ruthless, cunning, persuasive, turns children into donkeys, baritone/tenor; Blue Fairy: (ageless) controls a hand and rod puppet, angelic, motherly, acts as Pinocchio's conscience, down to Earth, mezzo soprano. Equity Principal Audition by appointment Sep 9 from 4PM-8PM and Sep 11 from 10AM-2PM at Giant Community Rooms (315 S. York Rd., Upstairs Community Room, Willow Grove PA 19090). An Equity Monitor will not be provided. The producer will run all aspects of this audition. This space's ventilation has not been verified by Actors' Equity Association. For an audition appointment, email with the subject line "2023 EPAs". Include the block of time you are available to audition. Appointment request deadline is Sep. 5. After Sep. 5, no email requests will be accepted, but you may call to make an appointment at (215) 659-8550. Prepare a short song to show your vocal range and be prepared to read from sides that will be provided the morning of the audition at the audition site. Bring your headshot and resume stapled together. Storybook Musical Theatre is actively seeking actors/singers of every cultural background and ethnic heritage. All types are encouraged to audition. Daytime availability required. Note: All Equity stage managerial positions are filled. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition.

EQUITY, ARDEN THEATRE COMPANY 2023-2024 LORT SEASON – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 8 - Arden Theatre Company is casting Equity chorus singers for roles in Arden Theatre Company's 2023-2024 LORT season including: Assassins, (Stephen Sondheim, music-lyrics; John Weidman, book; rehearsals begin Aug. 29; first preview Sep. 21; runs Sep. 27-Oct. 23; possible extension through Oct. 29.); Once On This Land, (Lynn Ahrens, book-lyrics; Stephen Flaherty, music; Based upon the novel “My Love, My Love” by Rosa Guy; rehearsals begin April 23, 2024; first preview May 16, 2024; runs May 22-June 16, 2024; possible extension through June 23 and June 30, 2024.) Rehearses and runs in Philadelphia PA. Pays $972/wk. Equity LORT C Otto Haas Stage Contract. Seeking—Equity Actors: All Ages; for Assassins - Note: For cast roles, auditioning performers will be considered as possible replacements only; for Once On This Island - Chorus Roles Available:“Beauxhommes” Narrator (Man 1); “Beauxhommes” Narrator (Woman 2); Armand Beauxhomme (Man 2); Andrea. Seeking talent from New York City NY. Apply via Prepare one musical selection in the style of the show, clearly marked, approximately 16 bars in length. An accompanist will be provided. Bring a photo/resume stapled together. ECC Procedures are in effect for this audition. An Equity Monitor will be provided. Arden Theatre Company is an EOE/AA employer, values diversity in the workplace, and prohibits discrimination. Actors of all backgrounds and abilities are encouraged to audition. Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to attend every audition. Always bring your Equity Membership card to auditions.

‘ROCKY The MUSICAL’ – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 9 - Star Royale Theatre is seeking an African American actor to portray Apollo Creed in Rocky the Musical. Non-Union. Production states: "Star Royale Theatre in Pompton Lakes NJ is seeking an actor to portray Apollo Creed in the New Jersey Regional Premiere of Rocky the Musical (directed by Brendan Stackhouse)." Rehearses beginning the end of August in Pompton Lakes NJ; runs on weekends Nov. 10-Dec. 3 at Star Royale Theatre, 247 Wanaque Avenue, Pompton Lakes NJ. Not Paid. Star Royale is a community theatre, so all performers are volunteers. There is no participation fee. Seeking—“Apollo Creed:” Lead, Male, 25-35, A confident African American championship fighter. He is everyone's favorite to win the heavyweight title. Seeking talent from Pompton Lakes NJ; New York NY; Morristown, Hoboken, Jersey City NJ. Prepare to submit a 16-32 bar cut of a song from the show or from a song that reflects the style of this show. Please email your audition tape, headshot/resume, and your availability to

‘A CHRISTMAS TALE’ – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 30 - Splinter Theatre Company is casting A Christmas Tale, a family-friendly, fun musical comedy. Synopsis: Three wise men, led by a dream, go through the desert towards adventure. Their journey is full of dangers, surprises, and amazing encounters. Rehearses and performs in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. Note: Production plans to rehearse for 1,5 hours twice a week. The Show will be in December, the estimated length is 1 hour 10 minutes. A parent/guardian is not necessary, but they can attend any rehearsal if they want to. Pay deferred. Agreed amount based on project success. Seeking—Pirate: Lead, All Genders, 10-16, Pirate is a nice, strong, funny person with a great personality; a bully at the beginning, but helpful, protective, and reliable at the end; Rabbit:” Lead, 9-16, Rabbits are jolly, kind, and funny. They also love to argue, play, and compete. Frivolous and carefree at the beginning of the play, they become brave and purposeful in the finale; Sorcerer: Lead, 25-70. Seeking talent from Wheeling, Barrington IL. Apply via or visit

‘BIG FISH’ – NOV. 6 & 7 - The FoCAL Center and Bellissimo Theatre Co is casting actors for the FoCAL Center and Bellissimo production of Big Fish. Rehearses on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 7pm-10pm and Saturdays from 10am-2pm at the FoCAL Center, 1150 Dahlonega Highway, Cumming GA 30040; runs Feb. 21-March 3, 2024 at the FoCAL Center main stage theatre. Non-union, no pay, no fees. This is a community theatre event. Seeking—All Roles Available: All Genders, 18+. Seeking talent from Cumming GA. Auditions Nov. 6 & 7 at the FoCAL Center; callbacks Nov. 8th. Production states: "Be prepared to perform a one minute monologue and one minute/16-32 bars song (not from the show). Provide audition track, as a piano accompanist will not be provided. There will be a short dance component to the audition. Be prepared to stay the entire hour time slot. All ages 18 and up may audition." Apply via or visit BigFishAudition


LIME ENTERTAINMENT – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 20 - Lime Entertainment is seeking Male and Female Powerhouse Vocalists for possible representation with Lime Entertainment, a talent agency that works with cruise lines. Rehearsals TBD; location TBD. Pays $2,000-$5,000 flat rate for All Roles. If Lime Entertainment secures a contract, travel, and accommodation to rehearsals is provided by the cruise line. Seeking—Powerhouse Vocalists: Lead, All Genders, 18-25, Male Tenors: range from A2-A4 with a strong falsetto to F5; must be comfortable with rock and pop. Female singers: controlled belt/mix to F5 and legit to C6; must be comfortable with rock and pop. Dance ability at an intermediate-advanced level is a plus; Male Dancers Who Sing: Lead, Male, 18-35, Male tenors with vocal range from A2-A4 with a strong falsetto to F5; must be comfortable with rock and pop. Dance ability at an intermediate-advanced level. With advanced training in jazz, ballet, contemporary and commercial. Partnering/lifts, tumbling/acrobatics, and aerial experience are all a plus. Seeking talent from Nationwide (United States). Apply via or visit


RECORDING DEAL, SINGERS – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 31 - Streamline Records/ Interscope Records is seeking extraordinary female and male singers to release on Streamline Records, an imprint of Interscope Records. Works TBD in L.A., CA. Pay TBD. Chosen artist will receive a contract with Streamline Records. Seeking—Recording Artist: Lead, 13-17, Must be extraordinary singers, dancers and performers. Seeking talent from CA. Apply via For consideration, submit a demo recording and or a live performance video.

‘AMERICAN IDOL’ – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 25 - Freemantle is casting singers aged 15-28 for American Idol. Production states: "The worldwide music phenomenon is back! We are looking for the next singing sensation - could it be you? If you are between the ages of 15-28 and a US citizen we would love to hear you! This year is totally virtual so you can audition in the comfort of your home! If you apply here keep an eye on your email!" Shoots in CA. Not Paid. Seeking—Singers: 15-28. Seeking talent Nationwide (United States). All auditions are done via Zoom and will take place over several months. Apply via or visit For consideration, make sure to add an email or phone number to your submission.

SINGERS/VOCALISTS For ONGOING MUSIC PROJECTS – NOTICE EXPIRES OCT. 31 - HYPNO PUBLISHING is seeking vocalists for ongoing music projects. Production states: "Prolific English Producer based in USA with on-going projects to pitch for music licensing or sync opportunities, releases on streaming platforms. Vocalists or spoken word artists required to write lyrics or melodies and be ABLE TO RECORD THEIR OWN VOCALS on their own equipment for writing and mastering use, sometimes lyrics and melody can be based on supplied melodic/theme suggestions. Style/Range: Sade, Maxwell, etc. Tracks output on streaming platforms/online through HYPNO Publishing, no fees required from singer. 50% earned on any licensing/streaming income from published works. ASCAP/BMI number needed. Please supply links to examples of your work. REMOTE ONLY. PLEASE REVIEW MY MUSIC Before Applying to make sure it interests you. No rehearsals. Remote-only. Pays 50% of any licensing, streaming income. Seeking—Singer/Vocalist: 25+, Singers may be required to write lyrics/melodies and be able to record their own vocals for writing/mastering use, sometimes lyrics and melody can be based on supplied melodic/theme suggestions. Seeking talent Worldwide. Apply via or visit For consideration, include audio or video examples of work. Serious Collaborators only, thank you.


The NEW YORK PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY 2023 SCHOLARSHIP AUDITIONS – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 31 - The New York Performing Arts Academy is seeking prospective students for The New York Performing Arts Academy's acting, singing-musical theater, and dance programs. Note: Auditions are for potential full or partial scholarships and admittance to the Performing Arts programs. Unpaid. Full and partial scholarships available for performing arts programs. Seeking—Actors: 18+, Singers/Musical Theater: 18+. Apply via or visit NYPAA For consideration, submit a monologue of choice not to exceed two minutes. Singers/musical theater: Prepare a song selection not to exceed the two-minute time limit. Dancers: Prepare a selection not to exceed the two-minute time limit.

ICON ARTS ACADEMY – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 31 - ICON Arts Academy is seeking young talent for ICON Arts Academy's new boarding performing arts high school. Company states: "Located in Iowa City, IA, we offer focused study in Dance, Theatre Arts, Music, and Design & Production/Visual Arts for high school students at all skill levels. Register today for an audition near you or take advantage of our virtual auditions." School year runs August 2023-May 2024 in Iowa City IA. Audition fee: $50. Tuition: $22,000/year (not including housing and an out-of-state academic fee of $8,750, if applicable). Seeking—Actor: 14-18. For consideration, include a headshot with submission. For more information on auditions, go to ICONArtsAcademyAuditions 

‘ANNIE JR.’ – SEP. 9 & 10 - A Class Act NY is seeking performers for A Class Act NY's production of Annie Jr. Production team states: "To be performed at the Five Angels Theater at The 52nd Street Project, an NYC Off-Broadway venue with a 165-seat house. Participants will perform in two main-stage shows on Nov. 11-12 for family, friends, and actively scouting talent reps." Rehearses Saturdays, Sep. 23; Oct. 14, 21 and Sundays, Sep. 24; Oct. 1, 8, 15, 22, 29; Nov. 5 (1:30pm-6pm) and Friday. Nov. 10 (3:30pm-9:30pm); runs Nov. 11-12 at Five Angels Theater, The 52nd Street Project, NYC. Not Paid. Participation fee if cast: $965. Seeking—Actos for All Roles: Lead, All Genders, 7-13. Auditions held Sep. 9 and Sep. 10 from 11am-2pm (both days) at Ripley-Grier Studios (520 8th Ave., NYC). If you are unable to make the audition, submit a self-tape by Friday, September 8 at 9am. Audition materials linked here. Seeking talent from New York NY. To apply visit A Class Act NY.

The NEW YORK PERFORMING ARTS ACADEMY 2023 SCHOLARSHIP AUDITIONS – NOTICE EXPIRES SEP. 16 - The New York Performing Arts Academy is seeking prospective students for The New York Performing Arts Academy's acting, singing-musical theater, and dance programs. Note: Auditions are for potential full or partial scholarships and admittance to the Performing Arts programs. Full and partial scholarships available for performing arts programs. Seeking—Singer/Musical Theater Actors: 18+, all Genders, all Ethnicities. To apply, visit For consideration, submit a monologue of choice not to exceed two minutes. Singers/musical theater: Prepare a song selection not to exceed the two-minute time limit.


WORLD CRUISE OPPORTUNITIES – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 26 - ME casting is seeking talent for World Cruise Opportunities. Casting agency working on filling specific spots with luxury cruise lines. High energy shows onboard major cruise liners with worldwide itineraries. Rehearsals begin mid-August. Pays $4,400/month. Onboard food and lodging provided. Rehearsal accommodation provided. Seeking—Lead Male Vocalist: Lead male vocalist, must be 5’10+. Seeking talent Worldwide. Apply via or visit For consideration, include your email address in cover letter and confirm you have a valid passport.

CARNIVAL CRUISE LINE – NOTICE EXPIRES AUG. 30 - Carnival Cruise Line is seeking singers and dancers of all gender identities, races, and ethnicities for captivating center stage and playlist production shows for Carnival Cruise Lines. Production states: "Developed by top talent in the industry, these shows feature triple-threat performers who sing, dance, and act." Rehearses TBD in Miami FL; runs TBD aboard a ship. Pays $3,590/month Note: Travel and accommodation provided both for rehearsals and shipboard; $25 per diem provided during rehearsals. Seeking—Male Dancers Who Sing: Supporting, Male, 18-36, Production states: "We are triple-threat performers in peak physical condition at the top of our field. Our exceptional dancing and beautifully executed technique are matched only by our versatility across numerous styles. We do all this with our game faces on - while singing powerful vocals and blending our voices in perfect harmony. Most of all, though, we're one of a kind. As the creative force behind Playlist Productions, we showcase our individuality in cutting-edge shows choreographed by industry-leading choreographers." Seeking talent Worldwide. For consideration, apply at CarnivalEntertainment.